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Sustainability is the basis to ensure business continuity


Based on such basic values, Loma Negra ensures people´s health and safety and operates in HARMONY WITH THE ENVIRONMENT, aligned with the principles of SSMA policy (Health, Safety and Environment).

Loma Negra aims to take necessary measures to MINIMIZE IMPACT OF ITS ACTIVITIES ON THE ENVIRONMENT, through CUTTING EDGE cement production TECHNOLOGY, processes control, risk management and specific actions.

In addition, it is engaged to foster economic and social development as well as current and future quality of life of all people affected by operations of the company.

Loma Negra Foundation

The Mission of Loma Negra Foundation for Sustainable Development is to foster social development focused on youth in the areas where the company operates.

The company adopts a sustainable business model aiming to combine economic yielding with social development and environmental care for future generations.

10 years after the creation of the Foundation, we still work hard to build sustainable partnerships, and therefore, closer relationships with our communities in order to co-create initiatives based on the mutual benefit concept.

We focus our actions on 15-to-29-yeard-olds within our operating areas aiming to contribute to their personal and work development.

Through our three main initiatives, Programa Puente (Bridge Program), Programa Compromiso (Commitment Program) and Programa de Negocios Inclusivos (Inclusive Business Program), we work on the following foundations: insertion on labor market, vocational training and craft training; volunteering and development of base organization, entrepreneurship and inclusive businesses.

Our work is focused on the base development model that fosters capacity building and empowerment processes regarding what we have as a starting point, enhancing local organizations, and generating joint liability and sustainability in common projects.


Coprocessing is a sustainable solution benefitting all

Coprocessing of waste in cement kiln is a process to dispose of waste in a controlled, safe and environmentally correct manner, still ensuring quality of the cement produced. It allows saving non-renewable natural resources with subsequent economic and environmental advantages:

  • Reduction of cement elaboration cost, conventional fuel dependence and CO2 emissions.
  • Employment generation.
  • Splitting of the new waste management productive chain.

Coprocessing activities related to Loma Negra cement elaboration started in the year 2000, focused on liquid waste. Currently it processes approximately 50 thousand tons of liquid and solid waste, representing 5% of thermal substitution.

Loma Negra, fully aware of the service rendered to society, carries on adopting the best technologies available and perfecting the Coprocessing process, widely known and tested in the cement industry.

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