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At Loma Negra and our subsidiaries, we are committed to doing business with the highest standards of transparency, ethics and integrity.

To do this, one of the main objectives of our Integrity Program is to promote and strengthen an ethical and transparent culture in the Company and with the Third Parties with whom we have commercial relations. The Program is aimed at preventing, detecting and correcting irregularities or acts which are contrary to our Code of Conduct, internal rules and the laws that are applicable to us.

For us, Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. We encourage our employees, suppliers and customers to act ethically and transparently.

Our Chief Compliance Officer leads the Compliance area and is responsible for implementing the Integrity Program and promoting a culture of ethics and transparency in the Company.

In addition to this, the Company has an Ethics and Compliance Committee responsible for evaluating the Integrity Program in line with the highest standards of ethics and transparency and ensuring compliance.

Code of Business Conduct

Loma Negra’s Code of Conduct contains the principles that make up the Company’s culture and reflects the expected standards of behavior for those who takes part in our business. The principles of the Code of Conduct guide our employees in their activities and guide our actions before third parties with whom we interact.

Access to our Code of Business Conduct

Integrity Program

Additionally, our Integrity Program includes the following:

Communication and Training

We provide teaching and e-learning training to our collaborators on our Code of Conduct and the main policies of the Integrity Program in order to promote a culture based on ethics and transparency.

Through the different channels available, we periodically communicate the principles of the Code of Conduct and the Integrity Program, emphasizing the importance of transparency and integrity.


Third Parties

Our Integrity Program includes risk assessment and due diligence of our third parties. We are convinced that in order to comply with the principles of ethics and integrity as a company, we need the commitment and collaboration of everyone in our value chain.

Ethical Line

It is a direct and confidential communication channel through which anyone can make inquiries, report deviations or suspicions of illegal acts or non-compliance with our internal policies and Code of Conduct. It is managed by an independent consulting firm and is available to both employees and third parties who interact with us.







We are committed to building a corporate culture of transparency and integrity, based on ethical behavior and compliance with the law.

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