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Loma Negra has a premise and a goal for its clients: to provide the highest quality and attention.

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Loma Negra has a telephone support center that answers queries and receives purchase orders, claims and comments on our cements, products and services.

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Delivery Services

Loma Negra’s Logistics Network

Loma Negra’s distribution center was designed and developed to optimize delivery of products within the country. This network has 11 logistics centers all around the country.

Loma Negra has a purchase center with cutting edge computing technology. This center receives purchase orders from customers either by telephone or by e-mail and the best distribution alternative is defined depending on location and type of request. Furthermore, the main benefit that comes with operating under C&F (Cost and Fright) modality is to ensure the system flexibility, agility and efficiency and the delivery of products in due manner and time at the agreed location.

A network with only one premise and objective: offer maximum quality.

Delivery commitment

A clear and great advantage offered to our customers is to deliver products within shorter time frames and in a more efficient manner. Loma Negra, with Lomaser, the Logistics Supercenter / the Mega Logistics Center, and the first integrated and countrywide Logistics and Distribution Network intends to reach an efficiency delivery level that goes beyond expectations.

Actitud de Servicio

Involucrarnos. Darlo todo siempre.

The closeness with our customers is one of the reasons that demands us to improve day by day, creating sustainable alliances that generate added value.


LomaNet is the exclusive portal for Loma Negra’s Customers who can find out about their current account, download and pay invoices, generate electronic delivery request for material (SEM), check purchase order status and follow up cement loads, tax register, statistical information among other issues.

Access Lomanet
Access Lomanet
Technical Consultancy

The innovation is printed in the DNA of Loma Negra, for it has the backing and prestige of the Technical Center Loma Negra specialized in technology of the concrete destined to the development and investigation of the materials.

Technical Consultancy

Undoubtedly one of our customer care services cornerstones is the Technical Consultancy service made up of an important experienced team. Such team has full knowledge in construction materials and can give assistance on the use of Loma Negra’s cement, lime, masonry cement and reinforced concrete as well as on other related materials and technologies, offering customers full consultancy services. In order to do this, such team has the support of the prestigious Loma Negra Technical Center specialized in reinforce concrete technology aimed at research and development of materials.

Technical Center

Latin America Model, the company is really proud of this Technical Center. It has infrastructure and is fully equipped so as to carry out detailed investigations and researches on cement and concrete as well as on strength and basic component material. In addition, it has a specialized library and a multimedia library where customers, professionals and students can consult latest new on concrete technology. Av. Coronel J.S. Roca 6757, Buenos Aires, Tel.: (011) 4605-3000

Av. Coronel J.S. Roca 6757, Capital Federal Teléfono (011) 4605-3000

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