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Terms and Conditions




Thank you for visiting the Internet page of Loma Negra C.I.A.S.A (hereinafter, LOMA NEGRA). The access and use of HTTP://LOMANEGRA.COM/, including the contents, products and services promoted therein (hereinafter, the “Site”) are subject to the terms and conditions of use (hereinafter, the “Terms & Conditions”), as well as to applicable laws and rulings.


All persons accessing, using and/or browsing the Site (hereinafter, the “User”) are bound to comply with and respect the Terms & Conditions. The use of the Site implies acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. In case you do not totally or partially agree to be subject to these Terms & Conditions without restrictions, objections or changes, please do not access, use and/or browse the Site.


User declares to be of age pursuant to Argentine laws and/or of laws of applicable jurisdictions and agrees to use the Site for lawful purposes.


Any query related to the use of the Site, its Contents and these Terms & Conditions must be addressed to marketing@intercement.com.


  1. Service
  2. a) Quality. The Site is for personal use and may not be used for commercial purposes.
  3. b) Operation. The Site operates “AS IT IS”, “WITH ALL ITS FLAWS” and as “AVAILABLE”, therefore, LOMA NEGRA does not grant any warranty whatsoever and the User must use the Site at its own risk.
  4. c) Suspension and Termination. LOMA NEGRA may, without need of prior notice, decide the immediate suspension, cancellation and/or termination of the Site; therefore, it shall not be liable against User or third parties for damages resulting from such suspension or termination.
  5. d) Limitations. LOMA NEGRA can freely limit access to the Site without need of prior cause or notice.


  1. Privacy Policy

Any notice sent to this Site or to LOMA NEGRA’s e-mail address as well as personal data informed to the line will be governed by “Privacy Policies”



  1. Contents

The information on products and services is subject to change without prior notice. Descriptions and images on products and services are given for advertisement purposes only and are mere illustrations. Based on the above mentioned, the information included on this Site may not be deemed an offer and is not of contractual or pre-contractual nature. To such purposes, you must contact a representative and/or an authorized dealer of LOMA NEGRA.


  1. Practices on the use of the Site

The User acknowledges that LOMA NEGRA has full powers to set forth the limitations and conditions to use the Site.


The User acknowledges that LOMA NEGRA has full discretion to pre-select, reject, remove and/or change any content of the Site.


  1. Intellectual Property

The content of the Site, which includes text, images, graphics, logotypes and designs (hereinafter, the “Content“), is both individually and collectively, exclusively owned by LOMA NEGRA or its related, controlled or controlling companies and is protected by local laws and international treaties.


“Camargo Correa”, “InterCement”, “Loma Negra”, “Lomax”, “San Martín”, “Plasticor”, “Cacique”, “Evolución” and certain other names or logotypes are registered trademarks and/or requested marks by LOMA NEGRA or its related, controlled or controlling companies and such use is directly prohibited. Likewise, the style and presentation of the Site (including combination of colors, buttons shape, design and every graphic element) are also protected by law.


Contents may not be changed, copied, duplicated or imitated, reproduced, downloaded, published, transmitted or sold totally or partially, without prior written consent by LOMA NEGRA or its related, controlled or controlling companies.


Users may not exhibit, load, republish, sell or distribute the Content on any other Internet site or in any other publication or as part of the information of any other database or compilation. The only right granted to Users is to copy, download and print the Content provided such copy, download or print are for personal use and copyrights and intellectual property rights of LOMA NEGRA or its related, controlled or controlling companies are not affected. This license may be revoked at any time, without prior notice and with or without cause. Except for this last exception, nothing included in these Terms & Conditions shall be construed to grant a license on intellectual property rights, impliedly or in any other manner.


The use of the Site or of the Content in a manner contrary to these Terms & Conditions or the law, grants LOMA NEGRA or its related, controlled or controlling companies the right to file judicial actions and claim damages that may correspond.


  1. Liability of Users for Use and Content

User shall be liable for access and use of the Site as well as use of the information and Content included thereon. Therefore, how such information, images, Contents, reports and/or comments through the Site are used shall be subject to applicable laws as well as to principles of good faith and lawful use of each User of the Site, being User fully liable for such access and correct use.

It is expressly prohibited to use the Site with unlawful, unauthorized or prohibited purposes pursuant to applicable laws or in any manner that may affect moral and good manners.


  1. Liability Limitation

LOMA NEGRA or its related, controlled or controlling companies shall not be liable for:


  1. Errors or omissions of the Content published on the Site, irrespective of reasonable efforts to include accurate and updated information on the Site, does not guarantee that such information is fully true and/or complete.


  1. Technical failures: there shall be no liability for errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, viruses, operation or transmission delays, communication line failures, theft, destruction, unauthorized access or alteration of access to the Site by User.


  1. Attacks from third parties: Users shall be exclusively liable for the use of the Site. LOMA NEGRA or its related, controlled or controlling companies or any other person or company related to creation, production or development of the Site shall not be liable for damages that may result from attacks by third parties. Furthermore, they shall not be liable for damages to computing equipment or devices uses by Users or for any virus that may infect them due to the use of the Site or the total or partial transfer of data to the equipment.


  1. Any damage (including, without limitation, consequential damages, loss of profits or damage resulting from loss of data or business interruption) resulting from the use or access or the impossibility to use or access the Site, its Contents and/or any document.


User´s access to the page may not be construed as a partnership, mandate, distribution or agency agreement or an agreement that may cause, in any manner whatsoever, any kind of relationship with LOMA NEGRA or its related, controlled or controlling companies.


Access to the Content may not be lawful for certain persons or in certain countries. In case User has access to the Site from outside the Argentine Republic, such access is at the User´s own risk and the User is liable for compliance with laws of User´s jurisdiction.


  1. Links to Third Parties’ Sites

The Site may contain links or references to Internet sites owned by other companies, persons or organizations. However, LOMA NEGRA is neither liable for the contents of such site nor for damages that may result from the use of the contents available thereon.


  1. Contents submitted by Users

All information or files, including without limitation, any idea, invention, work, notion, technique, technology, development, product, etc., that User submits in any manner or means to LOMA NEGRA shall be deemed submitted with an irrevocable license granted in favor of LOMA NEGRA for reproduction, distribution, execution, communication, representation, exhibition, transmission, retransmission, commercialization, issuance, storage, digitalization, availability, translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other change for all the term such intellectual or industrial property right is protected by intellectual property rights or similar institution.

Likewise, User accepts and acknowledges that the authorization or license is granted for no consideration and expressly waives herein the right to collect money therefor.

User shall be liable for legality, lawfulness and accuracy of the content given to LOMA NEGRA through the Site or communications sent to LOMA NEGRA.

User agrees to hold LOMA NEGRA, its controlled, controlling and related companies as well as its directors, managers and employees harmless in case the use of the information, files or contents set forth violate the rights of third parties irrespective of their nature.

Pursuant to the above mentioned, User acknowledges LOMA NEGRA the right to change, modify or edit any information or file submitted to the Site, without it being understood that there is any kind of violation of its rights, including without limitation, moral right of the author of the work.


  1. Indemnity

User agrees to defend and hold LOMA NEGRA and its controlled, controlling and related companies as well as its directors, managers and employees and agents harmless from any claim, penalty, fine, action or claim, including without limitation, legal fees resulting from the incorrect use by them of the Site, its Contents or resulting from the violation of these Terms & Conditions.


  1. Entire Agreement


These Terms & Conditions and their pertinent changes timely made to the Site at exclusive criteria of LOMA NEGRA constitute the agreement between User and LOMA NEGRA and govern the use of services offered on the Site, replacing any prior agreement between User and LOMA NEGRA.


  1. Waiver

Any tolerance that LOMA NEGRA may have regarding any right or provision of these Terms & Conditions shall never be deemed a waiver thereof.


  1. Applicable Law

These Terms & Conditions and their pertinent changes shall be governed by the laws of the Argentine Republic excluding private international laws or conflicts of laws that may cause the application of rights from a third country.


  1. Jurisdiction

All controversies that may result from these Terms & Conditions or are related thereto shall be finally solved by courts of original jurisdiction of the City of Buenos Aires, waiving any other venue or jurisdiction that may correspond.


  1. Notices

To all judicial and extrajudicial effects, LOMA NEGRA establishes domicile for judicial purposes at Av. Reconquista 1088, piso 7°, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, whereat all notices related to the Site shall be valid. Notices must be sent by registered letter, telegram or any other effective means and shall not be deemed effective and sent if there is no evidence of reception thereof by a person authorized by LOMA NEGRA to such effect (officers, employees, representatives, etc.).


A notice, request or any kind of communication sent to the User shall be deemed validly sent to a domicile, physical or virtual, informed by User or from which User operates.


  1. Divisibility

If any provision of the Terms & Conditions is deemed void, voidable or unenforceable, this fact shall not affect the validity of any other provision of this document. Consequently, these Terms & Conditions shall be amended as necessary to comply with the remaining provisions hereunder.


  1. Amendments

LOMA NEGRA reserves itself the right to totally or partially amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any amendment, such amendment shall be published on the Site and if the User continues using the services offered, it shall be deemed that User has impliedly accepted the new Terms & Conditions. Users have the obligation to regularly visit the Site to control if there have been changes to these Terms & Conditions.


These Terms & Conditions were last updated on 10/13/2017.





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