Aggregates - Loma Negra


We own the quarry “La Preferida de Olavarría” in Buenos Aires Province, where we mine and process aggregates to supply concrete mixers, cement and other construction materials dealers, construction companies and road companies.

We elaborate different products, such as:

  • Granite Stone 6/20, 6/12, 30/50, 10/30
  • Granite Sand 0/6 Powder
  • Granite Sand 0/6 Washed
  • Stabilized Aggregates

We have exclusive railway freight through Ferrosur Roca and truck transport, both at FOB and C&F basis. We also have the possibility to ship from railway stations operated by Ferrosur Roca and located near the Metropolitan Area (Cañuelas, Llavallol and Avellaneda station).

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