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Privacy Policy


Loma Negra C.I.A.S.A. (hereinafter, “LOMA NEGRA”) requests a careful reading of this privacy policy (hereinafter, the “Privacy Policy”).

Processing of data submitted by User to LOMA NEGRA through the site (hereinafter, the “Site”) is subject to this Privacy Policy.

  1. Definitions

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall have the meaning set forth below:

Personal Data: information of any nature related to determined or determinable natural or artificial persons.

Sensitive Data: personal data that disclose racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, philosophical or moral beliefs, labor union membership and information related to health or sexual life.

Database: organized set of Personal Data treated or processed, electronically or not, irrespective of its formation, storage, organization or access.

Data Treatment: operations and procedures, systematic or not, that allow collection, conservation, ordering, storage, change, assessing, blocking, destruction and in general, processing of Personal Data as well as their assignment to third parties through communication, queries, interconnection or transferences.

Data Base Responsible Persons: the natural or artificial person, either public or private, owner of the Database for purposes of this Privacy Policy will be LOMA NEGRA.

Data Owner/Users: every natural or artificial person with domicile for judicial purposes or agencies or branches in the country where such data are the subject matter of treatment to which this Privacy Policy or the Personal Data Protection Law [Ley de Protección de Datos Personales] No. 25.326 (hereinafter, the “LPDP”) refer.

  1. Our Commitment to Privacy

LOMA NEGRA is aware that Personal Data protection and confidential treatment thereof is essential for users of our Site.

LOMA NEGRA respects the privacy of every person visiting the Site. This Privacy Policy states the Personal Data that LOMA NEGRA may compile and the use to be given thereof. It also explains the safety measures adopted to protect and safeguard information of Data Owners, the possibility of Users to access their information and the contact person in LOMA NEGRA to obtain answers and solutions for queries related to this Privacy Policy.

  1. Compilation and Use of Personal Data

This Privacy Policy contemplates compilation and treatment of Personal Data through the Site aiming to allow Users to register on the Site and use different functions available therein.

LOMA NEGRA will only compile Personal Data through the Site when User voluntarily submits such information.

If you do not want us to compile your Personal Data, please do not provide such data. Notwithstanding that, in case User decides not to give such Personal Data, User may neither register nor use certain or any functions on the Site.

In case User provides Personal Data, we inform that such Personal Data will be part of automated processing and included in LOMA NEGRA’s database.

LOMA NEGRA may use such Personal Data as follows: it may store and process Personal Data to prepare statistics; use such information to contact User and process such Personal Data to allow operating specific functions available through the Site.

We currently do not commercialize Personal Data with third parties and we do not intend to do it.

  1. Personal Information

LOMA NEGRA compiles online Personal Data when:

  • User registers on the Site.
  • User submits queries, claims or comments through the Site.
  • User requests information.
  • User uses different functions available through the Site, such as taking part in meetings, etc.

The type of Personal Data compiled may include, name, address, email address, gender, occupation and age as well as any other information that permits your identification. In all cases that the User submits Personal Data, pursuant to laws in force, User declares that the information submitted is true, correct and updated.

In all cases that User submits Personal Data, User accepts and grants free, express and informed consent so that such Personal Data can be used for the purposes mentioned above and can be treated, stored, compiled or assigned. Likewise User accepts and grants free, express and informed consent to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

  1. Sharing of Personal Data

LOMA NEGRA will not commercialize such Personal Data submitted by User through the Site and all data submitted by User to LOMA NEGRA shall be subject to our Privacy Policy.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned, User authorizes LOMA NEGRA to share Personal Data provided pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy with controlling, controlled and related companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and/or third parties related to LOMA NEGRA through commercialization, promotion and/or distribution agreements.

Certain services that LOMA NEGRA may offer through its Site may require that LOMA NEGRA share certain Personal Data with third parties in order to comply with pertinent provisions. In those cases, LOMA NEGRA must necessarily share certain Personal Data of Users only to comply with the purpose for which data was requested; therefore, the User that accepts taking part of such services also consents to that.

These companies will use Personal Data confidentially and will delete them when such Personal Data are no longer necessary. Notwithstanding that, LOMA NEGRA cannot corroborate that third parties effectively delete such data submitted; therefore, LOMA NEGRA will not be liable in case they do not do it.

Such information will be disclosed, shared or assigned pursuant to LPDP and any rule amending or supplementing it.

Moreover, LOMA NEGRA may disclose Personal Data from Users (i) if forced to do it pursuant to law or within the framework of a legal proceeding, (ii) to judicial and administrative authorities when lawfully requested, (iii) if LOMA NEGRA deems such disclosure necessary or convenient to avoid physical damages or economic losses, or (iv) within the framework of an investigation on fraudulent or unlawful activities, or activities that are reasonably presumed to be fraudulent or unlawful.

Likewise, Data Owners authorize LOMA NEGRA to transfer their Personal Data in case of sale or transfer of all or part of the company or its assets (including in case of restructuring, dissolution or liquidation).

  1. Additional Information – Cookies

When Users access the Site, LOMA NEGRA may store certain information on their computer through a “Cookie” or similar file which may be useful for us. For example, Cookies allow us to design a Site meeting most of Users´needs and preferences.

Users accept that LOMA NEGRA compile technical information automatically through Cookies (i.e., without willful register). This information includes, for instance, the kind of Internet browser used, their computer’s operating system and the domain name of the Web site through which Users linked our Site.

If User uses or registers on the Site, User must take into account that certain third parties’ sites that may be accessed through the Site may use Cookies. Therefore, we recommend reading the terms and conditions of use and privacy policies of such third parties’ sites.

  1. Personal Data Protection

In order to prevent unauthorized access, keep accuracy of data and ensure correct use of information, LOMA NEGRA has implemented physical, electronic, information technology administrative means and safety procedures to protect and safeguard Personal Data compiled from the Site, such as firewalls, intruder protection systems -IPS-, antivirus and antispam programs, and data backup systems.

LOMA NEGRA protects Personal Data pursuant to safety standards and procedures set forth and keeps evaluating new technologies to protect the information. To such effect, and in compliance with the provisions of Rule No. 11/2006 issued by the National Board of Personal Data Protection [Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales], LOMA NEGRA has implemented the required safety measures.

However, User acknowledges that the existing technical means that offer security are not unachievable and even if all reasonable safety protections are adopted it is possible for the information to be manipulated, destroyed and/or lost.

Likewise, while we intend to protect Personal Data, Users must also adopt the necessary measures to protect their Personal Data, as well. If Users deem that their interaction with LOMA NEGRA is no longer safe (for example, if they find their account with us has become unsafe), Users are expected to inform us immediately by e-mail to

  1. Personal Data Update

If Users are already registered on the Site and Personal Data changes, Users may review, change, delete and update their profile online at any time.

  1. User Rights

Pursuant to the commitment made to guarantee compliance with rights protected by laws in force, Data Owners will always be allowed to have access to their Personal Data related to Personal data registred. Thus, Users may exercise rights to access, change, cancel or object their Personal Data.

The right to access Personal Data may be exercised for free by the Data Owner provided the pertinent information is requested at intervals not shorter than six months unless a lawful interest is evidenced to such effect. If Personal Data are incorrect and User wishes to update and/or delete them, LOMA NEGRA will correct, update and/or delete such Personal Data upon User´s request without cost. In order to exercise right to access, change, cancel and object such information, User has to send an e-mail to, as the case may be.

In case of a request, User must submit LOMA NEGRA identification and contact means, if necessary. LOMA NEGRA will answer the pertinent requests within 10 (ten) business days as from reception of the request in case of an access request and within a term of 5 (five) business days in case of a Personal Data change, update or deletion request.

Deletion of certain Personal Data will not take place if it may cause damages to lawful rights and interests of third parties or when there is a lawful obligation to keep Personal Data.

At last, it is informed that National Board of Personal Data Protection, Supervisory body pursuant to Law No. 25.326, has powers to hear claims and denunciations related to the defaults of rules on personal data protection.

  1. Data Transfer

User´s personal data obtained through the Web site may be transferred for the above mentioned purposes to our branches, related companies and services’ providers in other countries. Such countries may not have the same provisions as regards data protection than the ones of the country whereat Personal Data have been submitted. When we transfer User´s Personal Data to other countries, we will protect them as described herein.

Pursuant to applicable laws, we have implemented safeguards that guarantee an adequate level of protection of Personal Data that is transferred abroad. Such safeguards include contractual clauses pursuant to guidelines from National Board of Personal Data Protection from Argentina. Moreover, the international treatment of Personal Data is effected pursuant to Law 25.326 and rulings amending and supplementing it.


  1. Third parties’ Personal Data

If User submits Personal Data of third parties, we will use such information for the purposes such information was submitted.

When User submits Personal Data from third parties User is liable for eventual damages or injuries caused by such submission to Data Owners.

  1. Under Age Privacy

It is expressly prohibited the use of this Site by People under 18 years old.

  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy

LOMA NEGRA reserves itself the right to change the Privacy Policy. Such changes will be effective as from the moment they are notified to Users to the e-mail address informed by User upon registration on the Site.

  1. External Links

The Site may have links to or from other Internet sites. LOMA NEGRA is not liable for privacy practices or policies of those sites. LOMA NEGRA recommends a careful reading of such privacy practices and/or policies of such third parties’ sites.

  1. Contact Information

Loma Negra C.I.A.S.A. establishes its domicile for judicial purposes at and is the Database Responsible Person. Any questions on this Privacy Policy or the way that LOMA NEGRA handles Personal Data may be addressed to

  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy will be governed by laws in force in the Argentine Republic and Users submit themselves to the jurisdiction and venue of National Courts of Original Jurisdiction of the City of Buenos Aires.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 10/13/2017.

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